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Order pure Heroin Online, Afghan brown, black tar, Colombian white. All distinct physical and chemical variations of “street” heroin. Different colors, different names, different origins and different levels of purity for one drug.

Generic name : Heroin | black tar
Brand : Pure Heroin
Strength : 50 gram
Identifier : NO


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Order Heroin online isn’t just the issue but one of the main problems with identifying heroin is that it is not always white; it could be pink, beige, brownish, or off-white, depending on the differences in the chemicals used to produce it. Contact us today to Buy pure Heroin China white online and a moderate price.

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Purchase brown Heroin online, or diamorphine base is the result of the first stage of purification of impure diacetylmorphine. Brown heroin is easier to produce than white heroin and burns at a lower temperature, making it easier to smoke. However, it requires the addition of an acid (either citric or ascorbic) to become soluble in water. Buy Heroin online || Purchase brown Heroin online USA.

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Buying heroin online USA, sticky resinous substance of Mexican origin, resulting from the incomplete acetylation of morphine. It is generally cheaper and faster to produce than white or brown heroin.

The actual percentage of heroin in the black tar is generally very low. Its color, ranging from dark brown to black, and its consistency derive from the crude processing techniques and cutting agents used, the most common being lactose. Purchase Heroin Online from us today at a discount price.

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Order pure Heroin China white in Australia, Afghan brown, black tar, Colombian white. All distinct physical and chemical variations of “street” heroin. Different colors, different names, different origins and different levels of purity for one drug.
The numbering system was devised by the US DEA in the very early 1970s and is as follows:

First Heroin #1: Morphine Freebase or Morphine HCL

Secondly Heroin #2: Heroin Acetate or Heroin Freebase

Also Heroin #3: #4 heroin but specifically altered at the POM (Point of Manufacture) to make it conducive for smoking. The technical definition is a 60:40 mix, with 60 representing heroin HCl. and 40 representing caffeine HCl.

Heroin #4: Heroin hcl made specifically for injection.

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Color, physical state, producing region, heat stability, water-solubility, levels of purity and “cuts” determine different types of heroin.

Most street heroin is cut with a wide range of substances such as sugar, flour, caffeine, starch, powdered milk, quinine, and, even if rarely, strychnine (apart from being used as rat poison, in low doses it is a stimulant).

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