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Bromadol HCl Powder

Chemical Names: 4-(4-bromophenyl)-4-(dimethylamino)-1-(2-phenylethyl)cyclohexanol, Bromadol

Molecular Formula: C22H28BrNO

Molecular Weight: 402.37 g/mol g·mol−1

IUPAC Name: 4-(4-Bromophenyl)-4-(dimethylamino)-1-(2-phenylethyl)cyclohexan-1-ol


Buy Bromadol Online

Before you buy bromadol online, you should first of all know what it is and how it is been used.  It is a potent narcotic analgesic with a distinctive arylcyclohexylamine chemical structure.  It is a strong opiate pain relieving that is been purchased and used by millions of people today. We have quality bromadol for sale alongside many other research chemicals such as Oxycodone Powder, 4F-PHP, Mdpv , Methylone and many others. You can also buy painkillers and other pills from us without prescription.

Bromadol For Sale

For those suffering from chronic pain and don’t want to take pills, you can buy bromadol online from the best research chemicals vendor. When ordering bromadol (BDPC) Online from us or any other vendor, make sure you study the effects first before you proceed. When you purchase bdpc, expect to feel solid absence of pain, sedation , happiness, stoppage, tingling and respiratory sadness which could be unsafe. Studies assessed that it was around 10,000 times the quality of morphine.

Several related analogs such as the p-methyl and ring-unsubstituted compounds have also been investigated. BDPC is the lead compound in this series that attracted so much interest in it initially. When ordering bromadol online from us, we want to inform you that you can also Buy Oxycodone 30mg Online, Buy Acetyl Fentanyl Online, Buy Clonazolam Online and many others at the best prices with quality and worldwide delivery guaranteed. Discount Hydrocodone for pain

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